Whenever man changes the environment by building roads, bridges, or buildings, there is a need for Solar Testing Laboratories.

Since our founding in 1969, STL’s engineers and engineering technicians have helped contractors, builders, developers and architects meet the demanding standards the construction industry and governmental agencies have placed upon

  • Structures made of concrete or masonry
  • Roads of concrete or asphalt
  • Soils composition
  • Steel erection, welding, and associated construction operations
  • Property and building environmental and energy concerns

As an independent geotechnical, environmental and materials testing company, our engineers and technicians report on the quality, soundness, durability, and suitability of structural materials. The reports provide answers to such questions as: Will the concrete that is exposed to the elements withstand the effects of changing weather? Will a proposed bridge or airport runway bear the weight of heavy traffic? Will structural steel bolts or welded connections perform as they have been designed? Is the land on which an office building is proposed free from environmental hazards?

Locally Owned and Operated

Solar Testing Laboratories, Inc. is an independently owned and operated firm incorporated in the State of Ohio since 1969. Located just south of Cleveland in the suburb of Brooklyn Heights, our facility is conveniently located with immediate access to I-480, I-71, and I-77–giving us the ability to quickly respond to many locations.


Certified Small Business

STL is a certified Small Business Enterprise
(SBE) as follows: City of Cleveland Small Business (CSB), Cuyahoga County SBE, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District SBE, Ohio Department of Transportation SBE under the Unified Certification Program, and Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and SBE.

AASHTO Accreditation

Our laboratory is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) for performing hot mix asphalt, hot mix asphalt aggregate, soil, Portland cement concrete, and Portland cement concrete aggregate methods of testing.